Brake Pads

What are brake pads?

Automobile brake pads are also called automobile brake pads, which refer to the friction material fixed on the brake drum or brake disc that rotates with the wheels. The friction linings and friction linings bear external pressure and generate friction to achieve vehicle deceleration. purpose. Automobile brake pads are generally composed of steel plates, adhesive thermal insulation layers and friction blocks. The steel plates must be painted to prevent rust. The SMT-4 furnace temperature tracker is used to detect the temperature distribution during the coating process to ensure quality.

What are the classifications of brake pads?

From the brake type, it can be divided into:

- Brake pads for disc brakes

- Brake shoes for drum brakes

- Incoming film for big trucks

From the material point of view, it can be divided into:

- Resin-based brake materials

- Powder metallurgy brake materials

- Carbon/carbon composite brake material

- Ceramic-based brake materials

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