• Brake Pad Backing Plate

  • Brake Pad Backing Plate

Brake Pad Backing Plate

Brake Pad Backing Plate

Brake Pad Backing Plate

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Disc Brake Pad Back Plate

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Payment term

T/T 30% deposit in advance, and 70% balance before shipment; L/C at sight, Paybal, Western Union.




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Plastic Shrink, Wooden box, Carton Box, Brand Packing, Neutral packing

Specifications of Brake Pad Backing Plate

1. Make products as our customers request ,drawings.

2. Provide product report.

3. TS16949 ,ISO 9001 certificate

4. Free samples.

5. Good after market service ,solve your problem.

What is the function of the brake pad?

Brake pads generally refer to the brake pads of drum brakes. The iron sheet is a warning effect. The brake system applies pressure to the brake fluid in the brake master cylinder when the brake pedal is stepped on. The fluid transmits the pressure through the pipeline to the piston of the brake calliper of each wheel. The piston drives the brake calliper to clamp the brake disc to generate huge friction. Slow down the vehicle. If you hear a harsh metal whistling sound during your daily driving, you must pay attention at this time. This is the alarm iron plate on the brake pad has begun to wear the brake disc, so this sharp metal sound.

How to choose brake pads?

Four Looks-First of all, look at the friction coefficient. The friction coefficient determines the basic braking torque of the brake pads. Too high will cause wheel lock, loss of direction and burning during braking. Too low will cause the braking distance to be too long;

Second, it depends on safety. Brake pads will generate instantaneous high temperature during braking, especially during high-speed driving or emergency braking. Under high-temperature conditions, the friction coefficient of friction pads will decrease;

Third, look at whether it is comfortable, including braking feeling, noise, dust, smoke, peculiar smell, etc., which are a direct manifestation of friction performance;

Four looks at the service life, usually brakes pads can guarantee a service life of 30,000 kilometres.

Two choices-First, you should choose the car brake pads produced by a regular manufacturer with a license number, specified friction coefficient, implementation standard, etc., and the packaging box should have a certificate, production batch number, production date, etc.;

Secondly, choose to go to a professional repair point to ask professionals to install it.

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