•  SAE J1402 Air Brake Hose 3/8" Inch and 1/2" Inch

SAE J1402 Air Brake Hose 3/8" Inch and 1/2" Inch

Useful: Mainly used the brake system of truck and bus.

SAE J1402 Air Brake Hose

Rubber Air Brake Hose

Applicable standard: SAE J1402-2006, GB7128-86

Tube: Excellent ozone resistant synthetic rubber( EPDM)

Reinforcement: High tensile braid of fibers(PET)

Cover: Abrasion-and weather -resistant compounds(EPDM)

Working Temperature: -40°C~+100°C

Application: Mainly used for vehicle air brake system. The application includes the flexible connection between frame and axle, tractor and trailer and between trailers, as well as unprotected air circuit with air pressure coming to 1.0 MPa when the air circuit is possibly to be dragged or bumped.

Applicable temperature: -40℃ - +100℃

Standard length: 100m.

Classification and application of brake hoses

Automobile brake hose brake is divided into kinds. According to the different media, it is divided into pneumatic brake hose (air), hydraulic brake (brake fluid), and vacuum brake (negative pressure).

The brake systems of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles mainly use hydraulic pressure as the transmission medium. Air brakes are commonly used on large vehicles (such as medium and heavy trucks). Vacuum brakes are mainly used on small vehicles to brake sensitively and use engine air intake. The system may have a small vacuum pump to brake the vacuum generator.

According to laws and regulations, brake hoses must obtain the national 3C certification (that is, China compulsory certification).

Size of Brake Hose






























What are the advantages of pneumatic brake hoses?

1. The brake hose is resistant to ozone, has good compatibility with low and high temperature, flexibility, burst resistance, high tensile strength, good performance, and stable braking effect;

2. Safe, reliable, durable, long service life, wear-resistant, not easy to crack, not easy to fall off, metal environmentally friendly electroplating appearance, not easy to corrode;

3. It adopts high-brightness, low-power light source, simple and convenient installation, anti-vibration, impact resistance, no thermal radiation, safety, stability, reliability, no need to consider heat dissipation.

Hebei Chibang auto parts co. ltd with over 15 years’ production and exporting experience, We have been one of the biggest “Business model and demonstration sites” of hydraulic hose manufacturer in Hebei province, China. Our factory always keep the leading position in scale, equipment, technology, and so on. To meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry and the development of new technologies and new products, our company has a research and development center and product testing center, which dedicate to the research and development of new products, new technologies, and new processes with international standards and the product of the index test , performance test capability. Brake hose used in auto / car / motor / motorcycle / vehicle / truck / braking system, to transfer the braking medium in the automobile brake, the braking force is guaranteed to be transmitted to the automobile brake shoe or brake clamp to generate braking force, so that the brake is effective at any time.


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With over 15 years' production and exporting experience,We have been one of the biggest "Business model and demonstration ites" of hydraulic hose manufacturer in Hebei province, China. Our factory always keep the leading position in scale, equipment, technology, and so on.

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